• Drum-o-Saurus


    The problem with drums in the city is they are too large for small spaces, and too loud for the neighbors! The problem with digital/electronic drums is that they are not like playing real drums. They feel like holding your lover’s hand with pliers. No feel. No touch. No Sensitivity. The Drum-o-Saurus is revolutionary. The…

  • Halloweens


    We make costumes for halloween

  • Dogs in a Pile

    Friends playing friendly music

  • The First Commercial Chips for Deep Learning

    The First Commercial Chips for Deep Learning

    I was the founder and CEO of Lyric Semiconductor, Inc. which developed grew out of my PhD work at MIT. We developed the world’s first digital tensor processing units for machine learning, providing over 1,000x Joules/Ops power wins for machine learning workloads. We were acquired by ADI, and our technology incorporated into wireless infrastructure, medical…

  • The Mustn’t Grumble

    The Mustn’t Grumble

    Avant-garde folk Parisian swing music. Listen to us play on Hudson Valley National Public Radio Live at the Linda. With over 500,000 monthly listeners, WAMC ranks among the most-listened-to public radio stations in the United States.